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First Blog!

Friday, December 14th, 2018

First Ever Blog….

I know our This is Us Page was supposed to tell all about us – but it was more the history of Avalon Legacy Ranch!

So here we go.  If you didn’t know – we are a multigenerational staff.  My mom, Faye.  Daughter-in-law, Alee and myself!

Alee Ladd:  Alee is a Texas Native.  She loves her husband, Alex, (also my son!), Star Wars, the Dallas Mavericks and long short dogs.  She has future dreams of becoming a gym rat and loves all things glitter! What does Alee love about weddings?  She loves working for me, obviously?But mainly – she loves PEOPLE!  She loves brides, and grooms, and bridesmaids and groomsmen, and moms and dads.  Alee is a giver and she gives all of herself to serve our couples because she loves being a small part of people’s Big Days, and seeing all the details couples bring to their ceremonies to make them unique and beautiful.

Faye Stevens:  Faye is a grandmother to 25 and a great-grandmother to 5!  She is also my mom!  This makes us the only venue with an Official Grandmother.  Faye loves to take all the older people to the chapel in the golf cart and find out all the family stories from the other grandparents!  If you see her out sweeping – it isn’t because I make her – it’s because I can’t keep her from working.  She says it keeps her young!  Faye loves all the flowers and décor, plus working with the families and seeing the brides in their beautiful dresses.

Debi – That’s me!  I am the most blessed woman in the world.  I have 4 adult children:  Alex (married to Alee), Annabel, Anthony and Alaina.  They have all been a part of making this dream come true. Alex and Alee were one of our first weddings!  I love my kids, our brides, wedding cake, friends, family and travel!  What I love about weddings is waiting with the bride in the venue those final moments before she heads to the chapel.  I also love going over our Bridal Checklist with them to make sure no detail has been missed for their wedding.  And I also love knowing we have provided such a great place for everyone to celebrate that no one wants to leave when the wedding is over.

Charlie, Lil Becky, ChiChi and Cat – lessor know parts of staff that may greet you when you visit, but will be hidden away on your big day!

That’s us – we get by with the help of our friends, Anthony Ladd, Dave Snell and Cindy Russell.  All fabulous Jacks-of All-Trades that keep us up and running.

This is a picture of us at the Wedding MBA this year – as always – working to be the very best for you!