2022 Wayside Trail McKinney, TX 75071

 Beyond impressed!

We had our ceremony on June 20th and were beyond impressed with not just the venue but with Debbie and her mothers help.
First off the pictures of the property are gorgeous but I promise the venue it self is 10x better. The whole venue gives you a very warm and homely feeling. Being that both my wife (still getting use to saying that) and I grew up in the country this venue was exactly what we were looking for.
Leading up to the venue Debbie was nice to allow us to have multiple tours of the property to help show family and others who were helping with our big day. Any questions or concerns we had were quickly met put to ease. Every other venue we checked out had restrictions on who you could use for catering or bar staffing not to mention the small window of time to have the ceremony and reception. Avalon Legacy Ranch was open in allowing us to have our favorite restaurant cater our wedding and instead of the standard 4 hours every where we had the venue for almost the full day.
One of our biggest thanks to Debbie and her mom is that on the day of our wedding some “friends” who were suppose to come early and help us set up decided not to show up leaving just us to setup the tables, snack bar, and everything else. Debbie and her mom stepped up and helped us out to make sure that our day went off without a hitch.
Service – 5 star
Quality – 5 star
Value – 5 star