Avalon Legacy Ranch’s Amenities are listed below.  While this list isn’t conclusive, we think it is pretty fabulous and hope you do as well!

  • Only 1 bride per day with 12 hours included in the contract with the option to buy more
  • 6,000 Sq. Ft. Venue with Fabulous Decor
  • 3000 Sq. Ft. Deck for Reception Area
  • Multiple Options for Buffet and Cake Set up- it is YOUR wedding, not ours!
  • Elegantly decorated rooms for your guests to enjoy during the reception if they prefer conversation to dancing
  • A smoking porch for guests or for cigars after the wedding
  • 2,000 sq. ft. Bridal Suite
  • Dumbwaiter for Bridal Gifts
  • Indoor Bar with Depression Era Signage
  • Spacious Groom’s Suite with a 50 inch T.V. and gaming system
  • Grooms and Bride’s room on opposite ends of venue so no worries about seeing each other
  • Tables and Chairs for 160 with setup included (Venue max is 200 guests – more tables can be
  • Outdoor Chapel with Seating Area for up to 200 +
  • Handcrafted Pews
  • Extensive Outdoor Lighting
  • Pergolas and Fire Pits
  • 25 acre estate: Multiple Sites for Photos including Lake and Bridge and Corral and Stables
  • Garden Area for Outside Games, Popup Bars or mobile Photo Booths
  • Parking Attendant
  • Golf Cart Service including rides for your elderly guests
  • Award Winning Landscaping – Over 150 Rosebushes and Extensive Flowers and Foliage
  • Engagement Photo Availability
  • Bridal Photo Availability
  • Vintage Couches for your Bridal Photos
  • Rehearsal Time
  • Open Vendor Policy
  • Multiple Visits Allowed
  • Wedding Consultation cover 15 pages of detail 2 months prior to wedding

We are family owned and you always know when you call, text, or email, you will be speaking to Debra, Alee or Faye. We are your famfessionals (family and professionals), and we are the people who will greet you at the first visit, and we are the people waiting to hug you right after your final dance as you prepare to exit. Your happiness is our happiness.

We have been chosen by over 300 brides and families, and as you can see on our website, we have been given multiple awards and stunning reviews. And when I say “we”, I do mean Alee and Faye and I, as well as Avalon Legacy Ranch. Who you have at your venue is as important as the venue itself, and the last thing you want is a venue where no one knows you and the staff turnover is frequent.   At Avalon Legacy Ranch, we make sure you know us and know how important your wedding is to us.