2022 Wayside Trail McKinney, TX 75071

 Sydney M

My husband and I could go on and on with wonderful things to say about Avalon Legacy Ranch. We can’t believe it has come and gone! The hubs proposed on 8/24/2015, and our wedding date was set for 8/6/2016. After almost a year of planning, he was playing basketball and injured himself pretty badly a few weeks before the wedding. Immediate surgery (with screws and 50+ stitches) was required, and the thought of changing our entire wedding date came to mind. I texted Avalon Legacy Ranch late one night (a few days before the surgery), and let’s just say they were there for us every step of the way and made sure that our new wedding date was going to be even more perfect than the original date. We were so thankful we were able to move our wedding to 11/11/2016—a date that we now believe was meant to be! From beginning to end, our wedding day was truly a celebration filled with love and all of our favorite people in the world. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. From the beautiful ceremony in Avalon’s outdoor garden chapel, to the sparkling lights and gorgeous greenery…everyone went above and beyond to make our wedding day magical and memorable. A little bit about the venue…the upstairs area is extremely spacious and cozy for your bridal party to get ready and relax. I had 14 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, and a few other special ladies, and the upstairs was more than enough room for us to all get ready and enjoy the day, take pictures, dance, etc.! There are plenty of restrooms and a great kitchen for catering. The outdoor chapel is unbelievably gorgeous and doesn’t need “much” decor because of its natural beauty. It is just a short walk over the bridge, not far at all. We held our dinner/reception on the covered deck which was surrounded by sparkling lights. Again, everything was perfect! Avalon has three beautiful fire pits, and one of them can be used for s’mores. We took advantage of all three, and the photos are adorable with kisses and melted marshmallows! All in all, Avalon Legacy Ranch was perfect beyond words, and if we ever need to throw another huge party someday, I would hope we could have it there. Highly recommend this beautiful venue!