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 Vendor Spotlight: Ryan O’Dowd Photography

Ryan O’Dowd Photography is one of our favorite husband and wife photography duos that shoots in DFW. Ryan and his wife, Laura, do a fabulous job of bringing out the natural beauty and joy that radiate on wedding day! Their passion for photography and love of capturing the sweet, tender moments on wedding day makes their photos turn out all the more wonderful.

Ryan O’Dowd Photography, Each & Every Detail & Petals Couture

What decisions led you to begin your business?

It started with my wife’s love for photos. Laura had a contagious passion for photography that led us to buy some cameras to start taking family photos for friends. As they loved them, we slowly expanded into an official business and then weddings…and after my first wedding I was hooked!

Ryan O’Dowd Photography, Twigs & Twine, Erin Blaire

What is your favorite part of being a photographer?

One of my favorite parts about my job is getting to know and draw out the personality of my couples. Everyone is so different…and it is so incredible to see.And as a photographer, I get to not just get to know amazing couples and the love they share, I get to capture it. And to know that the photos I capture will help these couples relive and treasure their wedding days for decades is truly a joy & honor.

Ryan O’Dowd Photography, Three Strands Wedding Design, Edwards Floral

What makes you unique in your profession?

I have a huge passion for people and weddings…And so does my wife and trusty photographer sidekick. I think being a husband and wife team that truly values each person is what makes us different. After every wedding there are guests that thank us for doing a good job and for our hard work. I used to think that was weird – because they don’t know how any of the photos look. But then I realized that they were noticing our passion.  

We really work our tails off at each wedding because we care. We could work half as hard and still get good shots…but we want great shots. It isn’t just another wedding – it is a couple we care about and want to capture moments for them that they will treasure. The pictures that will bring them back to the feelings and emotions of the wedding. Pictures that will remind them, when times are tough, of the beauty of marriage.

Ryan O’Dowd Photography, Twigs & Twine, Uptown Sound

What do you like about Avalon Legacy Ranch?

Weddings that foster community and breathe beauty are truly magnificent to be a part of. At Avalon Legacy Ranch, the tranquil & beautiful setting is the perfect place for friends and families to gather and enjoy their time together. It fosters a sense of community because when you are there, time just seems to stand still. Stress seems to fade. And life just seems sweeter. There are also so many beautiful spots for pictures.

On top of that, the beauty of Avalon is incredible! The trees, the lake, the well taken care of grounds. It is a photographers dream. The backdrop of my Avalon couples make their photos look magazine worthy.

Ryan O’Dowd Photography

What advice would you give brides and grooms?

Perspective. After 13 years of marriage and 100s of weddings, I can tell you that 1. Nothing ever goes as planned at a wedding and 2. It is okay…because in marriage, there is so much more that matters that the little details on your wedding day.

One of the most told stories of our wedding day was when our limo got in a wreck and we showed up over an hour late to our own reception. It is one of those stories that is hilarious to tell, but not as fun to have lived. But hey, it was all part of our story. And the silver lining is a got a few more smooches with my beautiful bride before the party.

Your wedding day is all just one big story. And all the planning in the world still won’t make you the sole author of it. And that is part of the joy. Enjoy your story…no mater how it unfolds!

Ryan O’Dowd Photography, Each & Every Detail & Petals Couture

A huge thanks to Ryan for sharing his insight on wedding photography and also for sharing such gorgeous photos with us! If you’re interested in booking Ryan O’Dowd Photography, you can visit his website (http://www.ryanodowd.com) or give him a ring at 972-987.0341!