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 Real Weddings: Meet the Vaughns!

Jordan & Jordan were married at Avalon Legacy Ranch last March. Recently we asked a few questions about their wedding day to share with future brides and grooms! They had absolutely stunning florals, great music, delicious food and one of the most packed dance floors we’d ever seen!

Here’s what Jordan had to share about her wedding day at Avalon Legacy Ranch-

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
I actually have two favorite memories… my first look with my dads, and Jordans reaction when I walked down the aisle. I have never felt more beautiful than seeing him look at me the way he did when I walked down the aisle.

How did you and Jordan meet? How did you know he was “the one”?

Jordan (the boy) and I met on a cruise actually! I was with my family and he was with his family. I saw him the very first night on the ship and thought he was dreamy. He came up to me on the last day (because my dad told him I thought he was attractive) and here we are two years later and married!

What was your favorite part about the planning process? 

I loved being surrounded by friends and family through out the entire process. I loved having my favorite people in the entire world all in one place.

What made you choose Avalon Legacy Ranch as your ceremony and reception venue?

Avalon Legacy Ranch was the only venue we looked at and we knew the first time that it was the venue we wanted to celebrate our wedding day at. It felt like a home from the first time we were there. We didn’t want our wedding day to feel fancy or like a wedding, we wanted it to be a celebration with all of our favorite people and thats exactly what it felt like. It also might have been a plus that Debbi and Alee run the venue and we loved them too!

What was your favorite “little detail” from your wedding?

My grandpa passed away when I was in elementary school and he played a big role in my childhood. He had a pin he wore on all his collared shirts with his initials “WCK” and I was able to pin those to my bouquet so that I had a part of him with me.

How did you know which vendors to hire?

I had done my research before the wedding pretty well and already knew for a while who we wanted to use. We went with our DJ company because my best friends fiancé’s family owns that company. We both LOVE Nothing Bundt Cakes so that was a no brainer. My husband got to choose the food so we went with Babes Chicken. My florist from the beginning was amazing, and I loved her to pieces. My photographer I had stalked for a while and knew before I got engaged I wanted to use her. Our videographer was just someone I came across but so thankful we found them!!

What are some of the favorite things your guests have told you about your wedding day?

Everyone we have spoken to has told us how much fun our wedding day was. I wanted our reception to be nothing but a dance party and thats exactly what is was (thanks to our DJ). We were also told that it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever attended, and I have the gorgeous venue to thank for that. We did not really have to do anything really to decorate because it was so naturally gorgeous!

Whats your best piece of advice for future brides?

Make sure on the day of your wedding you take time to sit and reflect and just be still. The day literally flies by so stinking fast and if you can afford a videographer then do it, best money ever spent. Soak up the entire day and ENJOY it. Dont focus on the little details because no one remembers them and neither will you, but have fun. It was my favorite day ever, I woke up the next morning so sore from dancing so much!

Thanks so much for sharing your wedding day with us!

Want to see more about their big day? Check out their wedding video here!

You can also see them featured on Lovestories.TV!

Here’s the all star cast that helped make Jordan & Jordan’s day absolutely perfect:
Reel Simple (Videography)
Avery Earl Photography (Photography)
Charming Events Floral (Floral & Decor)
Nothing Bundt Cakes (Deserts)
Party Time Texas (DJ & MC)
HD Liquid Catering (Bar & Staffing)
AM Linens (Linens)
Babes Chicken (Catering)

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