Real Couples: Karly + JR

Karly & JR got married at Avalon Legacy Ranch and recently we asked them a bit about their day! We wanted to share some absolutely stunning photos by Kate Pease and a little bit of insight from a past bride!

What was the most memorable part about your wedding day?

The most memorable part about my wedding day was taking the First Look with Kate Pease, as it was a time to be very mindful of what was going on…this was it, this is my forever and what I’ve always wanted. I don’t know if I would have had that if it wasn’t for First Look, as your wedding day is always full of so many other obligations.  

How did you know JR was “the one”?
JR knew before me that we were soul mates. It took me a little time to believe that was even a thing! When I finally knew, was when I was on the phone with him, while pumping gas (during the time we were dating) and he asked me to be with him forever. Sounds like an engagement now that I write this out, but It was more like him telling me his intention and it’s as if he wouldn’t take no for an answer, as he knew I’d never say no…that’s when I KNEW he was The One!

What set Avalon Legacy Ranch apart from other venues you looked at?
When looking online for venues, this one seemed perfect for our personalities. It was far out, but not so far it would take hours to get there. Mostly however, because of how open and natural it was. It was so quite and quaint when we finally took the tour and we set out to see 2 venues that day. When we arrived JR and I looked at each other (just in the parking lot) and knew we wanted it, but didn’t say it at first. JR told me before we started our day of touring these venues “Look, let’s not act rash, and just tour and then think about it for awhile, we have plenty of time”… as we sat down alone after Alee took us around, I said “Jr, I know you said….” and he replied “Yup, I know, it’ the one, lets do it today”… so not only was JR The One, this venue was, The One!

What do you wish you would have known during the planning process that you know now?
That although my mom was the best wedding coordinator ever, I really think it’s smart to hire one so theres less stress. My mom did an exceptional job, but she was also the person who DID my wedding. She did all the decor and flowers and …just everything. So my poor mother had to do all that AND coordinate it. I wish she would have been able to enjoy it like I did. Now I know, to advise anyone getting married to hire a coordinator.

What was your favorite part about being engaged?
My favorite thing about being engaged was “being engaged”… you’re only engaged for a short time… I was very mindful of it the entire time. I would think about it all the time and tell whomever I could that “I am engaged”… sounds silly, but it’s true.

We loved the details on your shoes! Tell us about that! Were there any other special details from your wedding day that you loved?

I had 2 pairs of shoes for my wedding. The heels I wore during the ceremony I bought at DSW online. They were a peach-champagne with a personal touch from my mom. She had these pearly white stickers (believe it or not) that we added to the shoe, which made it extra vintage looking. My flats I wore at the reception actually had those very same stickers on them, so it was such a nice transition from heels to flats and still both so beautiful.

Thanks, Karly, JR & Kate!

Are you planning any special details for your wedding day? Tell us in the comments!