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 Happy Couples- Happy World!

At Avalon Legacy Ranch we strongly believe in using our resources to help those who cannot help themselves.   Our strongest area of giving is to orphanages and schools for children who would otherwise be left uneducated.  We forget in America that free public education really is a gift. One of the many groups we support is My Father’s House Ministries.  Avalon Legacy Ranch has been a supporter of “My Father’s House” ministry for the past 3 years with over $100,000 in support raised.

My Father’s House ministers to the Tabacal Community in Guatemala.    The ministry was started when Carlos and Heidi Fernandez realized many of the youth only attended school through 6thgrade and then they went out to the city or far away from their families to work, enduring 10 plus hour days and getting paid close to nothing.  They also discovered girls were getting pregnant and marrying at a young age with no real means of financial support.  Carlos and Heidi felt like God put it on their heart to open a middle school and high school program in the village.

In Uganda we have sponsored the education of over 40 orphans of the AIDS epidemic.  We have also provided finances to dig wells for drinking water as well as build and roof their recent high school.  Last year we supported the education of 16 students in India.

When you get married at Avalon Legacy Ranch you are not only living out your dream, but you are also helping children who have no resources afford to have a dream.  We are very thankful to each of you who are catalysts for these gifts and for the opportunity to be a part of the global community!