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 Choose Your Venue – Not Your Date!

Dear Brides,


It is THAT time of year again.  The time when venues begin getting emails that say,  “Our date is October 20th, 2019- do you have that open?”  We don’t, and we have had it booked for a year and a half.  We have heard horror stories of brides sending out Save The Dates and then not being able to find a venue.

October is the busiest time of year for venues.  The other busiest times are the rest of the year!  Sometimes August can be slow – but we have all our August dates booked.

If you are just wanting a particular date – you will always need to book early.  Yes – we have 10-10-20 already booked 19 months early.

We understand that there are special dates – but the venue makes the wedding, not the date!  Please be flexible with your dates.  If the date is reflective of important family events, first dates, proposals – remember that it is always nice to have something new to celebrate!

Important Factors for Looking for a Venue:

  1. Will it fit the amount of people you are inviting – or are you willing to invite less?
  2. Is there a great back-up plan if it is an outside venue?
  3. If you are having several bridesmaids – are there enough electrical outlets and room for you to all get ready?
  4. How difficult and expensive will it be to decorate the venue?
  5. How flexible are the staff with your needs and requirements?
  6. Who will be there the day of your wedding for emergencies?
  7. Are there hotels near by?

Oh…there are so many more – please know we LOVE helping to guide you towards the right venue if ours is not a good fit.  We are professionals and love to share our knowledge.